Birthday Parties!!

At the start of 2017, we decided to start a new tradition for us here at Cuddles-A-Plenty. We always love a good party and showing the dogs a good time, so what better excuse for a party than the dogs own birthdays?? We have decided that whenever a dog happens to be booked into day care on his/her actual birthday (or ‘Gotcha day for the lovely rescue dogs whose birth dates are unknown) there just has to be a celebration!!
Birthday Parties 2019…..
8th August – Luffy – We had never looked after a Shiba Inu before Luffy walked through our door but boy are we glad he did! A gorgeous boy with a beautiful nature. So happy and playful. He turned one today and is growing into a beautiful, handsome chap. Happy birthday Luffy. We love you xxx
7th August – Izzy – A lovely little lady with a big attitude! Izzy is a regular at day care and will play when she wants to but won’t if she doesn’t! Nothing you can say or do will persuade her otherwise – she knows her own mind and will not budge! We wouldn’t have you any other way Izzy! But one thing she will never say no to is a cuddle! So we get plenty of those! Happy birthday Izzy. We love you xxx
5th June – Pablo – Adorable little Pablo turned one this year and we are so very glad he celebrated with us. Pablo is what we call a semi regular at day care but when he arrives, he comes bounding in like he’s never been away! Such a happy little chap and will always be welcome. Happy birthday Pablo. We love you xxx
3rd May – Saffy – Saffys full name is Saphire. Such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.  Saffy is a regular at day care, attending most weeks, and has done so since a little pup. She has grown into a gorgeous, big (very big!!) girl who has no idea of her size! She just wants to sit on your knee and cuddle – unless of course there is water to play with then you don’t get a look in! Never change Saffy! Happy birthday. We love you xxx
23rd April – Lilly – Sharing her birthday with Paddy below. Lilly doesn’t come to day care very often but when ever there is a party, you can guarantee her name is first on the list! She loves to dress up and join in with the fun. A very happy, lovely little lady. Happy birthday Lilly. We love you xxx
23rd April – Paddy – Paddys full name is Padfoot – totally adorable! He is a regular at day care so knows all of the other dogs very well. Wherever you find a ball – that’s where you will find Paddy! Balls are his absolute favourite thing and if you were to throw a ball all day long for him to catch and bring back, he would be one very happy pooch! Happy birthday Paddy. We love you xxx
9th April – Oscar – Who we have nicknamed Beagle Oscar so we don’t get him confused with Pom Oscar!! Oscar comes to day care now and again but is always welcome when he arrives. When we have fancy dress parties, Oscar always like to join in! He loves to have a good time with his friends. Happy birthday Oscar. We love you xxx
4th April – Sherlock – Sharing his birthday with the lovely Lola below. Sherlock is a fairly new member of the Cuddles family but you would never guess it! Since his first day with us, it has felt like he has always been here! Such a happy little chap who joins in with everything and plays with everyone. Happy birthday Sherlock. We love you xxx
4th April – Lola – Who we like to affectionately refer to as Cherry Cola! Lola is another one who has been with us since the business was ran from home (just like Oscar below). She will do absolutely anything for a ball but they need to be really tough because her other nickname is Little Miss Needle Teeth! She can tear through absolutely anything without breaking a sweat!
Happy birthday Lola/Cherry Cola/Little Miss Needle Teeth!! We love you xxx
22nd February – Oscar – the beautiful Pom cross rescue dog. Oscar has been coming to Cuddles-A-Plenty for years – from way back when we ran the business from home. He is always so happy and absolutely loves his cuddles! We see Oscar at day care most weeks which is wonderful for us as we love his cuddles too!
Oscar is also a regular in our retail shop, as he is fed the healthy raw food, same as Sam below!
Happy birthday Oscar – the place would never be the same without you. We love you xxx
1st February – Sam – the adorable Collie rescued from the streets of Romania by the brilliant charity ‘One Paw at a Time Dog Rescue’.
Sam was lovingly adopted by Rachel & Ben and has certainly fallen on his feet!
Sam often visits our day care centre for play days – his mum calls it ‘nursery’…..we love that! They also visit our retail shop regularly for Sam’s raw food & healthy treats – nothing but the best for this gorgeous boy.
Sam celebrated his birthday with us last year and we are so very glad he did the same again this year.
Happy 4th birthday Sam. We love you very much xxx

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